3 special issues have been prepared by CCIA 2021 in JCR indexed international publications, open to everybody, but particularly to CCIA attendants.

International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems (IJCIS)

Special issue of the journal: New reasoning models: improving optimization and decision support with the management of uncertainty and constraints.

Guest Editors: Dr. Cèsar Fernández, Dr. Aida Valls, Dr. Mateu Villaret

This special issue will focus on the topic of methods and practical applications that involve management of uncertainty or constraints in optimization and decision-support problems. In the frame of computational intelligence, fuzzy logic and probabilistic models are two well-known approaches that extend mathematical logics for the management of uncertainty. In this special issue, we would like to include also models deriving from logics for the management of satisfiability of complex constraints. The aim is to give a broader view of the advances in logic-based models and systems, together with its use in practical applications. The focus of the special issue is in the field of optimization problems, including also decision support systems, which deal with sets of constraints or vagueness.

A tentative list of topics is the following one: Fuzzy decision support systems, Argumentation reasoning for decision making, Optimization methods, Constraint satisfaction problems, Logics for modelling and problem-solving, Computing with words for decision making, Qualitative Reasoning, Applications of these methods in practical decision or optimization problems.

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International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools (IJAIT)

Special issue of the journal: Data mining, machine learning and decision support systems in Health Care.

Guest Editors: Dr. Aida Valls, Dr. Teresa Alsinet, Dr. Antonio Moreno

Health care is a traditional field of application of Artificial Intelligence methods. Due to its complexity and high impact in society, many health-care related problems still need to be studied, modelled, and solved from an AI perspective. Now it is the right moment to stress the applicability of AI methods in this field because we have now the computational power and enough data to achieve goals that bring AI closer to the users (patients and doctors). This special issue is focused on presenting new techniques, challenges and solutions using data mining, machine learning and decision support models.

Topics of interest are the following ones: Representation of medical knowledge, Data mining and data analytics, Clustering and classification, Case-based reasoning in health care, Machine learning in health care, Deep learning for health-related problems, Medical decision support systems, Personalization of care, Virtual assistants in health care.

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Applied Sciences (AppSci)

Special issue of the journal: Applied Sciences: Women in AI

DonesIAcat promou aquest nou volum especial per fer visible la recerca en femení. És per un volum on els articles han d’anar signats per una dona com a primera autora (acompanyada de qui correspongui). Els millors articles del CCIA que compleixin aquest criteri seran convidats a enviar una versió estesa a aquest special issue amb un descompte del 50% en els costos de APC.

Guest Editors: Dr. Aida Valls, Dr. Karina Gibert

This special issue aims to gather research work done by women in a single journal issue in order to enhance the visibility. This may also contribute to greater dissemination of the exceptional research being done by female scientists.

Because of the relevance of Artificial Intelligence nowadays, this Special Issue is focused on research conducted in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which is a STEM discipline that has increased in interest and applicability in recent years. Thus, this Special Issue will provide an attractive compendium of the AI research led by women over a wide perspective, with focus on real social or industrial applications to health, mobility, or any other topic relevant for digital society development, and new theoretical contributions to all branches of the AI field, from reasoning to image processing, welcoming voice, natural language processing, and social AI, among others.

The goal is to highlight the women working on cutting edge topics in AI, both from a theoretical and applied point of view.

We encourage women scientists leading research on AI to submit an original manuscript to this Special Issue. Submissions must have a woman as first author to be considered for inclusion.

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